My Projects

Here are some examples of the projects I created in the years, sorted with respect to the programming language.


Ray Tracer Implementation

This is an implementation of a Ray Tracing algorithm in C++. Most of the implementation was given to us by our professor and we only had to implement some of the functions. I had a lot of fun with this project. I implemented the functions in about 1-2 hours and then wasted the next 5-6 hours playing with the lighting and the material. The professor had given us an example image and I made my image look as close as possible to that one. When you examine the image more closely you will find some white pixels. This is not a bug. I intentionally put those pixels there to make the image look like my professor’s image. The image is saved in PPM format. I use IrfanView to view it.
 You can download the installer (528.8 KB) or the source code (6.2 MB).

Another VR Project

This project actually predates the project in my previous post. The assignment was to create a 3D robot that could move its joints. But the idea of a hand was much more appealing to me.
  • 1-5 – Control the 5 fingers
  • 6 – Control wrist
  • Left mouse button – Change mouse movement
  • Space – Start/Pause hand rotation
  • . and 0 – Change camera angle
  • + and - - Zoom in/Zoom out
The project is in C++. You can download the installer (548.1 KB) or the source code (9.3 MB).

Virtual Reality Project

This was one of my favorite projects. We (Me and Mihai Palermo) created this application for a virtual reality assignment back in the glorious faculty years. The idea is that you have a hand which you can move in a room. The hand can grab a ball and then drop it. The purpose of this project was to implement our own collision-detection algorithms. I really hope you like it. As usual you can download the installer (1.4 MB) or the source code (3.8 MB). Please give feedback. The project was written in C++.



This is a application I wrote which allows you to control the computer using the remote controll from a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR. You can check out the source code here.


I will now post some of my Delphi applications. All these applications were written during my high school years. Please note that I tested the applications on the Windows 98 and Windows XP operating systems. Some applications may not work on Windows Vista or 7. Also, some of the applications have an English UI while most have Romanian UI.
I wrote this application in 2004. It’s a simple application for setting up an alarm. You can choose to play a sound, shut down, restart or log off the computer. The application appeared in an edition of Pc Magazine (Romania). You can download the installer (724.4 KB) or the source code (421.4 KB).
This was the application that I worked most on in 2004.  CaFiFo comes from Catalogue Files and Folders. It was my version of the Windows Vista (7) Start bar Search option. You can add files or folders (even import existing shortcuts). You can then easily search and run applications from the added list. You can download the installer (1.1 MB) or the source code (1.2 MB).
I wrote this application for my high school competence certificate. It is a calculator (able to perform multiple complex operations) with the UI of a Nokia 3410 (the mobile phone I owned at that time). It also has a simple first and second order equation solver and the ability to plot some simple functions on a graph. The part I really liked (at the time I wrote the application) was an integrated voice synthesizer (in Romanian) using my own voice. Don’t expect too much though. It just read the digits and the operator. Again, you can download the installer (6.4 MB) or the source code (6.6 MB).
This is an application for monitoring how much customers have to pay in a pay-by-the-hour business, such as an internet café. The idea is that you can choose how many terminals/stations you have and how much you can pay for each one. Then you click start and the application shows you how much a customer has to pay. When you click finish, the amount will be showed and the time period (along with the price) will be stored for further analysis. The application also appeared in an edition of Pc Magazine (Romania). As before, you can download the installer (831.5 KB) or the source code (557.4 KB).
This is a simple application that I used to copy files. I used this application when I got bored of selecting multiple files from multiple locations. It is very easy to use. It has two UI and is both in Romanian and English. You can download the installer (795.8 KB) or the source code (541.4 KB).
I wrote this application just for fun. It does a simple search in multiple folders. For this application you can only download the installer (632.4 Kb), as I have lost the source code.



I have modified the image editor from my bachelor thesis so that it can work as a desktop application. You can download the application from here. Most OS will run the jar file if you double-click it. If not type java –jar BmvImageEditor.jar in the cmd line. You can also specify a file to be opened java –jar BmvImageEditor.jar . For Windows, there is an .EXE version here. As always, please give feedback.

M3U Copy

This is small wizard app that allows you to copy the files from a .M3U list to a specified directory with a couple of options. You can download the jar file from here.

ShEpRen 1.0

You can download version 1.0 here (.exe version here). Version 1.1 is available here (.exe version here). Note that because this application parses the website and that since development the layout of this website has changed the application might not work anymore. Here's a short description:
Do you like to watch TV Shows? Are you tired of having to rename each video file with the name of each episode? This is where ShEpRen comes in. You can use this application to rename multiple video files (as many as an entire season). Show Episodes Rename renames a set of files according to information taken from You will have to select the corresponding show, season and the files stored on your hard disk. You will then have to pair each file with one or more episodes and the application will rename the files.
You have a number of options to choose from, such as:
  • Creating a subtitle file with information about the episode(s)
  • Renaming, coping or moving the files
  • Adding the show name, the season and/or the episode number at the beginning of the file


Spanzuratoarea (Hangman)

This was my very first game. Again it’s in Pascal and again before I discovered the Graph unit in Pascal. Now I realize it looks really really crappy. But when I finished this game, to me at least, it was the best game in the world. Why? Because I built it :)

The game is very simple. You have two modes. In single player you choose one of 14 words. In multiplayer another player first chooses the word and the other player guess it. You can only make 5 errors. More than that and you lose.  Please note the game is in Romanian!!!

You can download the installer (310.9 KB) or the source code (9.6 KB).

Bingo 2002

Ahh!!! The good old days of programming !!! Oh how young and naïve I was!!! Every project that I started was in mind better then the best game in the world. This was one the earliest applications that I wrote. It was written in Pascal. At that time, I did not find the patch for the CRT unit in Pascal so I had to write 25 empty lines to clear the screen. The game is very simple: You enter 5 characters (upper and lowercase). The game then generates 5 random characters for the other players. Afterwards, the game takes random characters and checks if any player has those characters the game marks it. The winner is the player who’s characters were all marked by the game first.

You can download the installer (425,2 KB) or the source code (69.4 KB). 
Have fun with it. And please give your impressions. 

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